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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and have provided the answers here. If you need additional information send us an email to  or call our toll free number 866-360-7650

Yes, We Have a Layaway Plan

We are a family owned business and realize that custom bedding and ensembles can be costly.  Most of us know what we like when we see it, but to get the bedding, window treatments and the various ensembles it soon adds up. So we wait or we just get the basic pieces.  No longer, we have the solution, Layaway.  Get it all  at one time instead of a piece now and a piece later just to find the dye lot was different or the fabric was discontinued.

How does it work:  After you have selected the fabrics, the pieces and the design style we will provide you with a final quote.  A deposit is required. 


Layaway Down Payment:  Orders $600 or less require 25% down, and orders over $ 600 require 20% down, any lesser down payment amount must be approved prior to order.

Monthly Payment Information:  A payment is required each month.  The prefer payment is 10% of the balance, however lesser amounts are acceptable.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, or check.  Send checks to Whistle Stop Bedding, 7205 N.W. 210, Edmond, OK.  73012

Monthly Due Date:  Any day during the month for any amount (preferred amount 10% of balance)

Layaway Policy:  All products are custom made and no item will be made until 75% of the balance has been paid.  You may at any time in writing by email request your order be removed from layaway to active status.  To process your request 50% of the total must have been paid or paid at the time of your request.  The order will then be removed from layaway status and placed in active status with other active orders.  Most orders for custom bedding, accessories, and window treatments are completed within 3-6 weeks and furniture pieces 4-8 weeks.   Once you have removed your order from layaway to active status you must be prepared to pay the balance upon notification the order is finished and ready to ship.  You must have a credit card number on file when in active status, the balance will be charged upon completion of the order.  The order will then be shipped to the address you have provided by FedEx.

Expiration date:  No expirations of any order in good standing.  Good standing means a payment was made each month.  If you can’t make a payment for any reason please email us requesting “waiver of payment” for that month, we will place the request in your file keeping the order in good standing.

 For more information send us an email:

Does the bedding price include Fabric

Yes the price is for the completed product. You will be charged additionally for shipping and any applicable tax. 



Do you charge for fabric swatches

No.  We do not charge for swatches of fabric in stock. This is a courtesy service, but because of demand allow 3 to 10 business days.  For fabrics not in stock, fabrics swatches will be ordered and sent to you once we receive them.  Fees for non stock fabrics will be determined prior to ordering swatches.  

May I use my own fabric and have you make the bedding

Yes and No. You are never limited to our fabrics.  We are not in the fabric business. There are far too many fabrics on the market to limit you to our instock fabrics. You may submit your request for a certain fabric or group of fabrics and we will purchase them for you.  We are not opposed to you sending a fabric that you want incorporated in the bedding to us.  We will then find the coordinates.  Please remember for custom bedding these need to be 54 inch designer fabrics, drapery weight.  

May I use 44" fabrics for custom bedding

We prefer not to use 44 inch fabric other than crib sheets, ruffles, and piping.  We will consider using it in limited amounts.  44 inch fabrics are for the most part not suitable for this style of custom bedding.  There is allot of waste simply because the fabric is not wide enough.  Because it is light weight we fuse it to an interfacing to give it durability.  This often adds to the cost of the bedding.  For more on the use of 44 inch fabrics you will need to call our toll free number.


Will I receive a credit for use of my own fabrics

Yes.  However this is not necessarily what you paid for the fabric.  We have grouped our fabrics into categories based on the average cost of all fabrics used in a particular style and size.  Example, a twin bedding in Code A fabrics has an average cost of $9. yard and sells for $325.  If you select a fabric that cost you $20 a yard. and you want to use it along with the bedding in a code A category, that is okay, but it will be credited at our established average cost for a Code A bedding.  

May I purchase fabric by the yard

Yes.  We will sell additional yards of fabric to our clients who have purchased bedding from us.  We will sell to the general public if we have the fabric in stock upon request, please email or call us.

May I cancel my custom order.

You may cancel within the first 10 days and will be refunded for the full amount less a $15 fee. You may cancel anytime after 10 days and prior to the fabric being cut and will be refunded the full amount less a $50.00 fee.  Unfortunately, after the fabric is cut for custom beddings or ensembles any money on deposit will be forfeited. 



How long does it take to receive my custom order

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks from receipt of your deposit confirming your order.  Our bedding is custom made and not premade.  We allow clients to choose non stock fabrics, select fabric placements, style choices, and every option available and this can be time consuming.  However, we believe these services are important for our clients.


What if I don't know what I want

Don't worry, that is why we specialize in custom bedding and ensembles.  We have years of experience.

Call or email your ideas and we can make suggestions, send photos, and a diagram of items for you to makes notes on.  We will gather fabrics swatches and send them to you.  We will guide you as much or as little as you need.


How do I create my own design.

We offer a selection of fabrics, or we offer to locate your fabric selection for you, we even let you mail us fabrics and trims.  We offer several styles or you can submit a style by email or fax for our consideration.  You can mix and match fabrics and placement.  Remember our duvets, and shams are finished on both sides.  You will need to select fabrics for both sides.  We have a document we will email you with diagrams of duvets, shams, and etc for you to draw on and make notes.  you can email them back to us or fax them to us.  If faxing please use ink.

Can I pay with a check

Yes.  You may make your 50% deposit with a check.  The balance is due and payable prior to shipping.  If you choose to send a check for the balance this will delay shipping until we receive it.  Receipt of deposit confirms your order, placement on the custom schedule will start from the date the check is received.  Send checks to: Whistle Stop Bedding, 7205 N.W. 210, Edmond, Ok  73012

Checks are processed through Telecheck, checks are not actually deposited except corporate checks.

What Credit Cards do you accept?  Do you Accept Pay Pal?

 We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, just call our toll free number with c/c information.

We accept Pay Pal.  We will send you a statement via email, just click and pay.

How do I place an order

You may send your email inquiry by clicking on the contact us page and completing the questionaire form, or send your inquiry to our web mailbox or  You may also call us at our toll free number 866-360-7650.

How do you ship

We ship FedEx and you will receive an email with the tracking information.  FedEx's home deliveries are Tuesday through Saturday. Home deliveries do not require signatures.  Business deliveries are Monday through Friday. Business deliveries require someone at the business to sign for the package.

Shipping cost will be added to your balance at time of shipping.  Your total price for the purchase of bedding does not always reflect shipping cost unless so stated.  Shipping baby bedding or our 3 piece custom bedding is usually $22 to $35 to most states within the United States. 







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We Manufacture the products on our site.We are located in Edmond, Ok (deer creek area)

You may design your bedding and accessories at this location by appointment. Call toll free 866-360-7650 or 405-620-5749 to make an appointment.

We sell our products to many retail boutiques.

Additionally, we display our items in Canton, Texas during market days.  Market days are the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the first Monday of each month. Our shop is in Eastgate, just east of the Food Court in the Arbor.

Shipping:  Most items ship free except furniture.  We ship small items USPS and larger items Fedex. Free shipping includes the 48 US states continous.  Outside US 48 states call/or email for shipping rates, provides state and zip code info.