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           Design your Own Crib Set. 

We will walk you through  each step, bumper, sheet, skirt, quilt.

Basic Price Bumper:  $220.00 as you select what you want add the cost to this basic price.

What is included for the Basic Price: a 12 inch high bumper with pillow inserts.  One fabric for the outside, and one fabric inside, you may select a soft minky for the inside fabric.  You may select smooth minky, dimpled or dot minky, or rosette minky.  The bumper consist of 4 continuous sections, head, back long side, foot, and front long side.  Each section has an opening in the bottom with sew on Velcro to close the opening.  This allows for the easy removal of the pillow inserts.  The bumper includes regular size piping on top and regular size ties to secure bumper to crib.


This is a bumper with regular size piping on top, one fabric outside, one soft minky dot  fabric inside, with regular size ties.


Basic Price $220.00


Step 2.  Bumper Top, you may upgrade the regular size piping


Figure 1 Jumbo Piping + $20.00


Figure 2 Single Ruffle on top +$30


Figure 3 Double Ruffles on top + $60


Step 3.  Bumper  Regular size ties are included, extra long ties + $20.00, or substitute for 6 Bow/sashes + $40. (one in each corner and center of front and back long side) center.

Figure 4 regular size ties included


Figure 5 long ties + $15.00


Figure 6 Bows/sashes + $35



Step 4.  Design, the inside of your bumper, remember the price includes one fabric for the inside, it can be a soft minky fabric.  Patch work is an upgrade.


Figure 7 minky swirl inside (one fabric included in price)


Figure 8 ths is a patch work design,  long side split +$10

short ends $5, both +$15


Figure 9, this is a patch work design, split head/foot +$5 and long side sides $10, both $15


Step 5.  Design the outside of bumper, remember the price includes one fabric on the outside, patch work is extra.


Figure 10, one fabric outside included in price


Figure 11 patch work outside, long sides only + $10.

short ends $5, both +$15.

Figure 12, mirror image patch work, outside long sides $10 and head/foot $+$5 and both $15


Step 6.  Monogram Center Back Section of Bumper + $15.00




Step 7.  If you have selected the patch work design, you wish to add piping , ruffle or double ruffle between sections.  This is an upgrade.


Figure 13 no detail between sections

 Figure 14 piping between sections, inside or out $2.50 per section (photo represents 2 sections x 2 longs = 4 =$10) If you have a split head and foot sections then you will need to calculate those as well.

Figure 15 single ruffle between sections $3. section (typically there are 4, there are 2 on each long side x2 =4) $12 If you have a split head and foot sections then you will need to calculate those as well

Figure 16 double ruffle between sections $5. (typically there are a total of 4= $20.) If you have a split head and foot sections then you will need to calculate those as well


Step 8.  Code Fabric

Code A, no additional charge

Code B fabrics, $25.00

Code C Fabrics +$40

Code D Fabrics +$50.


You have completed the design of your bumper. 

Click here to design your sheet

Click here to design your quilt

Click here to design your skirt

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How To Place A Custom Order

Start your designing by selecting your fabrics, visit our fabric pages for ideas.  You may also select any fabric we have used on any of our beddings that may not been in our fabric pages.  Then follow the Steps for designing your own crib bedding starting with the bumper, select sheet fabric, design your skirt and quilt.  Send this information to us by email, or fax to 405-330-8241. We will provide you with a quote.  Also include any accessory you want to purchase to coordinate with the bedding.  

To confirm your order, a 50% down is required.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  You may call us with your Credit Card information from 1130AM to 9PM Monday thru Saturday. Or you may request a Pay Pal email invoice,  for the 50% down.  From the email invoice you may simply click and pay. We also have a reserve listing page, find your name, click and pay your 50% down through PayPal.

Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks. The Balance is due prior to shipping. We require a credit card on file for the balance.  The card will be charged for the balance at the time the bedding is prepared for shipping.  We will send an email with tracking information and notification your card has been charged.  If you want to use a different card than the one on file you must provide the information to us a quickly as possible. We ship FedEx.

Please visit FAQ page for answers to many of your questions.  The Layaway Plan is also explained on that page.  Allow 5 to 7 business days for mailing of swatches.  Fabric Pages

Baby Registry:  With the purchase of a crib set we will design a baby registry listing the additional nursery accessories to coordinate with with your crib bedding to share with family and friends.  Just include the web page link in your invitation.

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We Manufacture the products on our site.We are located in Edmond, Ok (deer creek area)

You may design your bedding and accessories at this location by appointment. Call toll free 866-360-7650 or 405-620-5749 to make an appointment.

We sell our products to many retail boutiques.

Additionally, we display our items in Canton, Texas during market days.  Market days are the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday before the first Monday of each month. Our shop is in Eastgate, just east of the Food Court in the Arbor.

Shipping:  Most items ship free except furniture.  We ship small items USPS and larger items Fedex. Free shipping includes the 48 US states continous.  Outside US 48 states call/or email for shipping rates, provides state and zip code info.