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Trim, Rhinestones, and Boa

These are our in stock trims.  We have other trims available. 


  Tassel trim

black $7.50 yd


black tassel

brown $7.50 yard yd

brown tassel

hot pink $7.50 yd

hot pink tassel

lime green $7.50 yd

lime green tassel

plum $7.50 yd

plum tassel

aqua $7.50 yd

aqua tassel

pink & brown

$9.95 yd.

pink/brown tassel

blue brown trim $9.95 yd

blue brown tassel

light pink tassel beaded  $10.95 yard

pink beaded tassel

blue brown tassel beaded $10.95 yard

blue brownbeaded tassel

black/white beaded tassel  10.95 yard

 black white beaded tassel


hot pink lime green beaded trim $10.95 yd

hot pink/lime green tassel

 monogrammed towels with the hotpink and lime green beaded trim.

monogram towels

Pink/Brown beaded tassel trim $12.95 yard

pink   brown tassel beaded trim

                              mongrammed towels pkbrn

Green /Brown beaded tassel trim and braided beaded trim both $12.95 yard

green brown tassel

coordinating Beaded trim $12.95 yard

green brown beaded trim

Ball Trim $6.50 yard

light pink

light pink ball trim

hot pink

hott pink ball trim


red ball trim


orange ball trim


ivory ball trim


black ball trim


brown ball trim

aqua ball trim

aqua ball trim

purple trim

purple ball trim


turquoise ball trim


yellow ball trim

lime green

lime green ball trim


multi ball trim

Eyelash available, with or with out beads

w/beads $5.00 yard, no beads $4. yard

light pink

pink eyelash trim


hot pink

pink eyelash trim



orange  eyelash trim


white eyelash trim




black eyelash trim


brown eyelash trim



turquoise eyelash trim

light blue

light blue eyelash trim

lime green

lime green eyelash trim

lamp shade


Hairy Gimp Trim $4.50 yard

light pink

pink hairy gimp trim


hot pink

hot pink hairy gimp trim


red hairy gimp trim


orange hairy gimp trim


ivory hairy gimp trim


black hairy gimp trim


plum hairy gimp trim


brown hairy gimp trim



blue hairy gimp  trim


turquoise hairy gimp trim

lime green

lime green hairy gimp trim


purple hairy gimp trim


teal hairy gimp trim

lamp shade table skirt


 Organza Rose Flower Trim $7.25 yard

hot pink

hot pink rose flower trim

light pink

light pink rose flower trim


turquoise rose flower trim

lime green

lime green rose flower trim




black rose flower trim


chocolate rose flower trim


white rose flower trim

memory board


Boa, Marabou and Chandelle $7.00 per 3 foot piece

Marabou Boa, furry trim


marabou boa


Marabou Boa, is a fur looking boa.

Available in black, brown, white, red, yellow, light pink, candy pink,

shocking pink, orient pink, purple, orchid, turquoise, light turquoise,

lime green, light blue, bright yellow,



Chandelle Boa, a feather Boa


chandelle boa


Available in Black, Brown, Light Pink, Candy Pink, Shocking Pink, Orient Pink, Lime green, Purple, Red, White, Turquoise, Light Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Blue

 French Memory Board

Chandelle Tipped Boa, feather Boa ends are tipped

chandelle tipped boa 

Available in Black&White, Red&Black, Hot Pink&Black


Rhinestones &Mirros shapes available

   Rhnestones shapes available: round, oval, rectangle, square and Mirros round and square








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